Music is a universal language that can offer healing effects. In fact, music therapy is a research-based profession that benefits the emotional, social, psychological and physical needs of hospitalized patients. Music can help kids manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory and improve communication while promoting general wellness and healing.

Our music therapists use a variety of interventions during a child’s treatment and recovery, some of which include instrumental play, music/lyric composition and music improvisation to meet important healthcare goals. Prior musical experience is not necessary for patients to participate in music therapy.

Music therapists have received specific training and board certification to do the work they do. As part of the team caring for your infant, child or teen, they will customize their services based on each patient’s unique needs. Strategies may include helping the patient learn stress management techniques or developing coping plans related to their medical experience. 

In addition to taking part in individual music therapy, patients can attend group sessions designed to foster fun and self-expression. Group sessions can help a child perceive the hospital as a less frightening and unfamiliar place, while providing the opportunity for socialization. 

There are many ways to participate in music therapy while at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer. Patients may prefer to listen only, learn an instrument or talk about music with a music therapist.

For more information about our music therapy program, please call (321) 321-1479.

Professional Music Therapy Resources

For information about the music therapy profession, visit the American Music Therapy Association at

Visit our Music Therapy Internship page for information about our internship program at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.