What to Expect Every Step of the Way

Hearing your child needs surgery can be a stressful experience. To help manage that anxiety, learn what to expect – from a kid's perspective – throughout the process. From pre-admission to follow-up, the expert team at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is here to support your child and family.

Staying Informed During Surgery with the EASE App

When a child is in surgery, one of the most stressful times a parent may experience is in the waiting room. The minutes that go by oftentimes feel like hours, as family members anxiously wait to hear about their child’s status from the surgery team. For many surgeries, families can now stay informed with the EASE app, which provides real-time, secure updates from the operating room to family members’ mobile phones. Many families have found the experience of waiting during surgery to be much less stressful with the EASE app. Ask your child’s doctor if the EASE app is available for your child’s surgery. Set-up of the app before the day of surgery is necessary. Visit the Orlando Health EASE App for Surgery page for more information.