Your Child's Outpatient Visit

If your child only needs to be seen for a short-term illness or chronic condition, they can receive world-class care from one or more of our specialized practices or outpatient clinics. These physician practices and clinics are designed to provide a wide range of services, including diagnostics, treatment and some minor procedures.

Audiology & Hearing Services

The Audiology program offers comprehensive hearing evaluation and management for children and adults, including hearing screenings for newborns, audiology evaluations, cochlear implant mapping and follow-up, hearing aid evaluations and fittings, and more. 

Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition

The Center for Digestive Health and Nutrition provides clinical services to infants and children with symptoms of digestive problems and diseases. Comprehensive outpatient services are available for evaluation, diagnosis and management of routine and complex gastroenterological, liver and nutritional disorders. Emphasis is placed on the care of children requiring special nutritional support such as enteral and parenteral nutrition. To learn more about the Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition, view a more complete list of services, or make an appointment, please visit the Center for Digestive Health & Nutrition practice page.

Center for Orthopedics

From prevention to innovative treatment techniques, the Center for Orthopedics can tackle every musculoskeletal problem, including bumps, bruises, fractures and more.

Craniomaxillofacial Care & Surgery

Facial conditions and abnormalities can be challenging for a child and can affect self-esteem. The Craniomaxillofacial team will help at every stage of treatment to normalize speech; correct dental conditions; improve hearing, facial appearance and function; and more.  

Division of Genetics

This branch of medicine is dedicated to identifying gene and chromosome abnormalities, and educating and improving the lives of families affected by them. We offer genetic evaluations and recommendations that focus on syndromes, abnormalities and inherited disorders.

Division of Neuropsychology

At no time in life does the brain transform as dramatically as it does when a child is young. That’s why it’s important to monitor any disruptions in your child’s mental or behavioral health. The neuropsychology consultants can help by providing evaluation of learning, cognition and behavior.

Division of Rheumatology

Specializing in inflammatory conditions, the Division of Rheumatology works with your family to manage conditions such as arthritis; problems of the joints, soft tissue, connective tissue or autoimmune diseases; vasculitis; lupus; and various diseases of the skin and membranes.

Endocrinology & Diabetes Center

State-of-the-art care is available for patients with growth or puberty disorders, diabetes and conditions related to hormones and the endocrine glands. From evaluation to management, our team can help treat a wide range of issues, including thyroid disease, disorders of sex development and more.

Hewell Kids Kidney Center

Dedicated to children with congenital or acquired renal (kidney) disease, our team cares for children from birth to age 21. We specialize in end-stage kidney disease, metabolic bone disease, acute kidney failure in newborns, obesity-related kidney disorders systemic lupus nephritis and kidney transplantation.

Infectious Diseases

Whether your child was previously healthy or is managing a complex medical condition, our team will work to deliver the best care possible for unusual, highly resistant or even life-threatening infections. And all our pediatricians have additional training in infectious diseases.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services encompass everything from blood work to biopsies. And while we do offer inpatient lab work, our outpatient lab (located on the 1st floor of Arnold Palmer Hospital) can serve your child’s needs in a comfortable, nurturing environment.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Program

We’re dedicated to improving the lives and daily function of children managing acute or chronic disabilities. This program emphasizes the importance of improved function through a combination of medication, physical modalities and therapies, adaptive equipment and assistive devices, braces and prostheses.

Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine

Chronic and acute respiratory disorders affect many children day and night. From asthma to chronic cough, restrictive interstitial lung diseases to sleep disorders, we’ll partner with you to treat these demanding conditions. In addition, we’re an accredited Cystic Fibrosis Center. 

Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging

Accredited by the American College of Radiology in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, computed tomography (CT) and ultrasound, Arnold Palmer Hospital offers Image Gently® equipment calibrated to deliver lower radiation dosages for our young patients.