Transforming the Difficult to Doable

Experiencing feeding challenges with your child? First things first: You’re not alone. In fact, feeding disorders in children are common and can be the result of medical, behavioral or oral motor issues. Whether your child is developing normally or is developmentally disabled, the Arnold Palmer Hospital Feeding Difficulties Center can support you through challenges such as food allergies, chewing or swallowing problems, digestion issues and picky eaters.

In addition to addressing these concerns, we’ll provide treatment designed for your family’s unique needs. Our patient-first philosophy ensures we consider every part of your child’s sensory, behavioral, oral motor, feeding and family education — then combine them to help find solutions to everyday eating obstacles.

One-of-a-Kind Care in Central Florida

Did you know the Feeding Difficulties Center is the first in Central Florida and one of the largest of its kind in the state, offering an intensive outpatient treatment program? The Feeding Difficulties Center team is made up of a highly specialized, multidisciplinary group comprised of gastrointestinal physicians, occupational therapists, mental health professionals and clinical nutritionists.

In addition, Arnold Palmer Hospital’s pediatric gastroenterology is the only practice in Central Florida with full-time, registered pediatric dietitians. That means your family always has access to experts who can address specific food issues, restrictive food diets and diets for allergies.

Contact Us

For general information and questions about our program, please call 321.841.7116 or email us at:  [email protected]