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Urological Care Tailored to Your Child

As your child grows and develops, so should their care. And when it comes to conditions affecting the kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethra, penis and testes, it's important you're comfortable and confident in the approach recommended for your child. That's why our pediatric urologists work together with parents and child to address reproductive system and urinary tract concerns, and are committed to providing the least invasive treatments available.

When you choose Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, you have the reassurance of knowing all of our pediatric urologists are board certified in urology and have additional subspecialty fellowships and certification in the discipline. Along with your expert team of physicians, nurses and care providers, we'll take the time to answer all your questions and provide sensitive, compassionate care for your child.

At Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, we specialize in treating urologic conditions in children. Our team of board-certified urologists with additional pediatric specialty certification utilizes minimal invasive treatment options to address your child's specific genitourinary (urinary and genital organs) concerns. We care for each child in a family centered manner and develop a treatment plan that's tailored to your specific child.

One-of-a-kind Care

Your child will receive specialized care from a nationally recognized team of experts.

Our team of specialists are committed to excellence and expertise, and dedicated to providing sensitive, compassionate and personalized care for your child.


Diana Cardona-Grau, MD

Pediatric Urology

Benjamin K. Rhee, MD

Pediatric Urology

Mark A Rich, MD

Pediatric Urology

Hubert S. Swana, MD

Pediatric Urology

Specialty Services We Offer

Special Testing for Pediatric Urology Problems

We offer a full range of diagnostic techniques, including:

Laparoscopic Robotic Surgery

We offer the most advanced minimally invasive techniques, including endourology for minimally invasive treatment of kidney stones and laparoscopic robotic surgery. Benefits of robotic surgery include few small incisions, less blood loss, less pain and minimal scarring for your child. It also reduces recovery time from weeks to days. We were the first to perform pediatric robotic surgery in Central Florida, and our surgeons have performed more than 1,000 robotic urology surgeries for children.

Specialty Urologic Care for Your Child

At Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Urology Center, we offer specialized clinics for a variety of urologic conditions. As with all of our urology services, these clinics provide expert multi-specialty care tailored just for your child.