Treatment for a Range of Urology Conditions

When your child needs specialized care for their urological condition, you can trust the experienced pediatric urologists at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Urologists here have the expertise needed to provide care for a wide range of pediatric urological conditions. Find more information on the conditions we treat below.

Kidney and Bladder Conditions

  • Enuresis: Daytime voiding dysfunction and nighttime bedwetting, including urgent and frequent urination
  • Hydronephrosis: Dilation or stretching of the kidney when urine drainage is blocked
  • Kidney and bladder stones: When chemicals in the urine crystallize into “stones” in the urinary tract
  • Neurogenic bladder: Abnormal function of the bladder due to disease of the central nervous system or peripheral nerves
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs): An infection which can affect the lower tract, or bladder, or the upper tract, the kidneys
  • Urinary tract obstruction: Any blockage of urine flow along the urinary tract
  • Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR): The abnormal flow of urine from the bladder back into the ureters

Genital Conditions

  • Ambiguous genitalia: A birth defect where the outer genitals do not have the typical appearance of either a boy or a girl
  • Hydrocele: A buildup of fluid in the scrotum around one of the testicles
  • Hypospadias: When the opening that carries urine out of the body from the penis is on the underside, rather than at the tip, of the penis
  • Inguinal hernia: When an organ, usually a part of the intestine, protrudes through the abdominal wall into the groin area
  • Meatal stenosis: A narrowing of the opening of the urethra, the tube through which urine leaves the body
  • Testicular torsion: The twisting of the spermatic cord, which cuts off the blood supply to one of the testicles
  • Undescended testes: When the testes, which form inside the abdomen, fail to move down into the scrotum
  • Varicoceles: An enlargement of the veins in the scrotum caused by blocked blood flow

Find Guidance

Helping your child through treatment for a urological condition and making the right decisions for your family isn’t easy. Our pediatric urology specialists can give you all the information you need and answer any questions you have about treatment options available to your child.

Urology Procedures

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