Just for You!

If you’re a kid or teen visiting us at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, you may not know what to expect. Maybe you’re feeling nervous, angry or even possibly excited. All of these feelings are OK! We understand that visiting the doctor or being sick can be no fun. That’s why we try to make it a good experience. Watch the video above to see what you can expect when you come here.

What to Bring

Did you know? When you come to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer, you don’t have to leave your favorite things at home. That’s right! In fact, we tell all kids to bring along some special stuff from home. If you’re planning a longer stay here, help your parents pack:

  • Your own special blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal
  • Your own pajamas if they would be more comfortable
  • Favorite snacks or drinks
  • Movies and books
  • Pictures of your pets or friends
  • Slippers or socks
  • Schoolwork

We Promise…

We want to make sure you feel as good as possible when you’re here. Whether you need some playtime, privacy, a hug or more, you can always expect:

  • Time to play each day.
  • People to knock on my door before coming in my room.
  • Doctors and nurses to tell me their names.
  • People to understand that sometimes I need to cry when I’m afraid or hurt.
  • My parents to help take care of me.
  • People to laugh with me.
  • Safe, quiet times during each day.
  • People to tell me what’s going on and why.
  • My room and my bed to be safe places.
  • People to let me choose what I want when it’s OK.
  • My favorite toy from home to be with me and to go along to surgery and different places in the hospital.
  • A hug when I need one.

Child Life Specialists

Ask your parents to tell you more about what our play, music and art specialists can do for you while in the hospital. Learn more.