Health Resources

Looking for some useful health information? Wanting to receive support or get in shape? Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children connects you and your family to a wide array of resources that inform, educate and support you in your daily life. From an online community to spiritual care, health tips to community events, access these helpful links whenever you need comprehensive tools and information.

  • Financial Resources — Simplify the stress of medical bills with this collection of guides, plans and FAQs.
  • Graese Community Library — Search the extensive library of health information and resources.
  • Hospitality Homes — Discover convenient options for families who need accommodations for extended hospital stays.
  • Content Hub — Stay up-to-date with posts on a variety of health topics affecting kids.
  • Pediatric Support Groups — Join one of the support systems for parents and children.
  • Spiritual Care — Receive comfort through treatment and recovery from one of our chaplains.