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Comprehensive Hearing Solutions

Does your baby not startle at the sound of loud noises? Does he or she seem to hear some sounds but not others? Do you worry because your child has a speech delay or asks you to repeat yourself often? If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be a sign of a hearing problem. While the signs and symptoms of hearing loss can be different for every child, if you suspect a problem, it’s best to seek help sooner rather than later.

The Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children Hearing Center.  Provides comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation services for a wide range of hearing conditions. Your child’s care team will include a group of highly skilled pediatric audiologists and hearing technicians. Our infant hearing technicians provide screening for all babies born at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies under the direction of licensed audiologists.

Offering Help and Hope for Hearing Loss

The Hearing Center offers a wide range of diagnostic techniques and treatments to address the full spectrum of hearing-related conditions. You can rest assured your child will have an expert team delivering leading-edge care, including:

  • Auditory processing evaluation
  • Cochlear implant evaluation
  • Cochlear implant mapping and follow-up
  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations such as:
  • Conditioned play audiometry
  • Speech audiometry
  • Traditional audiometry
  • Visual reinforcement audiometry
  • Diagnostic auditory brainstem response testing
  • Diagnostic otoacoustic emissions testing
  • Earmolds
  • FM system fitting, dispensing, follow-up and repairs
  • Family counseling, advocacy and follow-up care
  • Hearing screenings for newborns
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Hearing aid fitting, dispensing, follow-up and repairs
  • Tympanometry

For more information on any of these diagnostic and treatment approaches, consult your audiologist or hearing specialist.

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