Hospitalization can be a frightening experience for a child and a challenging event for a family. For this reason, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children offers services designed to support the “whole child” — body, mind and spirit — by addressing each patient’s emotional, developmental, social and educational needs.

Several programs within our Children’s Services and Community Engagement department provide unique therapeutic and personal support for patients to provide the best possible hospital experience. These programs include Child Life, Music Therapy, Healing Arts and Patient Academics. The teams that work within these programs recognize that hospitalization can present challenges for children and their families, not only because of the physical implications but also because of the emotional impacts that can surround that experience.

Supporting each child’s unique needs and circumstances, our services include:

  • Education to prepare patients and their families for their medical encounter
  • Coaching to help patients develop strategies for coping with their circumstances
  • Activities that promote resilience and self-esteem through exploration of play, music and the arts.
  • Academic support during an extended school absence
  • Partnering with our community to bring unique services and programs to help enhance the patient and family experience

Team members from each of these programs work together to promote positive experiences and quality healthcare outcomes for infants, children, teens and their families. To learn more, please explore the pages in this section, or call (321) 841-1479.