Your Sanctuary for Hope and Healing

When your family chooses to receive care at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, you have access to award-winning children’s care in more than 30 pediatric specialties. In addition, you have the advantage of The Bert Martin’s Champions for Children Emergency Department and Trauma Center, which is the area’s only Level One ED and Trauma Center.

As soon as you step foot inside the hospital, you’ll see an environment designed to encourage healing for kids of all ages. Each child’s room is considered a safe place where parents may stay with their child.

Here, play and creative expression are integrated into the healing process. Child Life specialists are trained to offer play experiences — and there are playrooms throughout the hospital, as well as an outdoor play area called PlayWorks, where patients, siblings and visitors can enjoy some outdoor fun together.

Children who aren’t able to come to the playroom aren’t left out; they enjoy in-room activities with the Child Life staff and volunteers. These specialists are trained to assist children and families in the hospital by helping to build coping skills and by providing education about the medical process.


The Children’s Bill of Rights

Each patient is an individual. And every child is special. That’s why we deliver family-centered healthcare, which is flexible, compassionate and sensitive to your concerns — while respecting your child’s developmental, psychological, emotional and social needs. As part of that commitment to your family, you’ll see the Children’s Bill of Rights throughout the hospital, detailing our promises to your child.

While I am in the hospital, I can expect:

  1. Time to play each day.
  2. People to knock on my door before coming in my room.
  3. Doctors and nurses to tell me their names.
  4. People to understand that sometimes I need to cry when I'm afraid or hurt.
  5. My parents to help take care of me.
  6. People to laugh with me.
  7. Safe, quiet times during each day.
  8. People to tell me what's going on and why.
  9. My room and my bed to be safe places.
  10. People to let me choose what I want when it's O.K.
  11. My favorite toy from home to be with me and to go along to surgery and different places in the hospital.
  12. A hug when I need one.