Gastrointestinal disease in children can be the result of many different causes, ranging from digestive problems, bacterial and viral infections to food allergies, enzyme deficiencies and inflammatory bowel disease.

The pediatric specialty diagnostic lab at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children provides advanced diagnostic testing to support the Pediatric Center for Digestive Health and Nutrition. Our team of scientists performs specialized testing using the latest in robotic equipment and leading-edge tools to ensure accuracy and precision. 

Accredited by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, we are a state-certified clinical laboratory adhering to the highest standard of quality care and service. 

Our specialized pediatric testing includes:

  • Lactase Activity
  • Disaccharidase Assay
  • Pancreatic Enzyme Analysis
  • Aspiration Marker Panel
  • Small Intestinal Microbial Overgrowth
  • Esophageal Epithelial Eosinophilic Markers
  • Lactulose-Mannitol Assay: Leaky Gut and Transit

Collaborative Projects

University of Central Florida

Nursing Oral Suction Protocol Intervention to Reduce Aspiration and Ventilator Events (NO-ASPIRATE)

Florida State University

Association of seasonal fecal microbiome profile change in children with functional or recurring abdominal pain (FAP/RAP) in children

Industry Sponsored Projects

  • Conducting research to explore the prevalence of congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID) in selected group of pediatric patients with known activity levels for the development of genetic test to diagnose CSID.
  • Conducting research to elucidate clinical association of Lipase A gene mutations in patients with liver disease symptoms by using next-generation sequencing techniques.


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