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The Best in Pediatric Emergency and Trauma Care

For medical emergencies, please call 911 first.

In the event of sudden illness or injury, your family can rely on the only Pediatric Emergency Room (ER) and Level One Trauma Center in Central Florida*. Specializing in pediatric emergency care, this 33-bed children’s emergency department sees more than 55,000 kids a year and is the first facility in Central Florida to provide emergency care exclusively to children. Your child will have a dedicated team committed to evaluating and treating severe, life-threatening injuries and all forms of medical and surgical emergencies.

Advantages of a Pediatric Emergency Room and Level One Trauma Center

When your infant or child is injured or sick, an urgent care clinic may be able to address the issue, but unfortunately, you cannot always be sure how sick your child actually is. If your child has a more serious injury or medical condition, the Bert Martin Champions for Children Emergency Department & Level One Trauma Center offers important advantages in providing after hours pediatric care such as:

  • Doctors who are fellowship-trained and board-certified in pediatric emergency medicine.
  • Instant access to an experienced staff of pediatric emergency nurses, pediatric surgeons, pediatric critical care physicians, pediatric respiratory therapists and pediatric anesthesiologists.
  • A complete spectrum of specialists on hand to address any pediatric health condition — from serious traumatic injuries or overwhelming infections — to chronic conditions such as congenital heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, asthma, diabetes or cancer.
  • 24/7 availability of pediatric and neonatal critical care specialists for any infant or child who is critically ill.   
  • State-of-the-art trauma/resuscitation and diagnostic equipment.
  • On-site radiologists to read films 24/7 and prioritize your child’s needs.


A Nationally Ranked Pediatric Emergency Care Teaching Hospital

Our nationally ranked pediatric ER and Trauma Center is also the only children's hospital in Central Florida recognized as a teaching facility for pediatric emergency care. This means we’re able to attract leading physicians committed to furthering pediatric care by educating resident physicians, conducting ground-breaking research and implementing the most advanced techniques available.

Our team of specialists and subspecialists includes experts in:

Embracing Kids and Families

Because we’re dedicated to taking care of kids, our emergency room offers family-friendly amenities including bedside registration, private treatment rooms with TVs, and a dedicated children’s play area. We also have child life and social work specialists available to help our young patients and families cope with trauma and unexpected situations. Prescriptions can easily be filled at our on-site pharmacy.

Emergency Center Tips

If there comes a time when you need to visit the ER, please be patient when waiting to be called to triage. The sickest and most severely injured patients will be treated first. In addition, during a medical emergency, please refrain from giving your child any food or drink without prior approval from a nurse.

Scheduling Made Simple

With the InQuicker Self-Scheduling Tool, patients at Arnold Palmer Hospital can schedule a visit to the ER for non-life and limb-threating emergencies. Rather than waiting in the hospital’s ER waiting room, patients can now wait in the comfort of their own home. For more information, please visit


*Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) is a designated Level One Trauma Center and cares for pediatric and adult patients at Arnold Palmer Hospital and ORMC.