Who Should Have Food Allergy Testing?

If your child has an allergic reaction after a meal, it may not be clear which food caused the problem. Since some allergic reactions can be life-threatening, it’s important to find out the exact food to which your child is allergic.


Even if your child hasn’t reacted to a food, certain factors raise their risks for having a food allergy. Consider having your child tested for a food allergy if they have:


  • Any close family members with food allergies
  • Hay fever, eczema or other types of allergies
  • Asthma


Your team at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital Center for Digestive Health and Nutrition will use the latest methods to determine if your child has a food allergy and which food is causing the problem. Testing also can show if your child’s problem is a food allergy or a food intolerance, which is far less serious.