For children infected by C. difficile who are on antibiotics for another infection, the antibiotics are usually stopped. This can’t be done with some infections, and it’s important not to discontinue antibiotics unless your doctor advises it. In mild cases of C. difficile, the antibiotics being taken can be enough to resolve the C. difficile infection.


More commonly, certain antibiotics that are known to kill C. difficile are used in addition to stopping the other antibiotics. Children with a severe C. difficile infection and those who can’t tolerate oral medicines may get treatment intravenously (through an IV). Because of the change in the gut bacteria your doctor may recommend taking certain beneficial bacteria (probiotics) during the antibiotic therapy and for a few weeks after.


If your child is being treated for a C. difficile infection, be sure to have them drink plenty of fluids to keep from getting dehydrated. Avoid giving your child anti-diarrheal medications, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently to avoid spreading the infection. Also it is important to clean with bleach any surfaces that can have C. difficile on it and also wash blankets.