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  • icon-article-18-redAdvances in Treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy

    Just five years ago, there were no approved therapies to treat the underlying causes of spinal muscular atrophy, a collection of potentially fatal diseases that causes progressive muscle weakness. But in that short time, several advances in research and treatment have been made to help children and adults who have this rare and serious illness.

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  • icon-article-18-redHave You Done These 6 Things to Prepare for a Hurricane?

    Hurricane season has arrived, which means there’s a growing possibility for strong storms. As these storms can affect transportation, businesses, access to basic necessities and more, it’s vital to be prepared. By taking the time now to stock up on supplies, safeguard your home and learn basic emergency protocol, you can safeguard your family from the effects of a natural disaster in the future.

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  • icon-article-18-redSummer Safety Checklist for Children

    Summer is the perfect season to get children into the great outdoors. But even on overcast days, applying sunscreen is a must. Sunburns can cause pain, irritation, blisters and even flu-like symptoms — not to mention potentially more serious conditions down the road. Before hitting the beach or bike trail, look for sunscreen that is 30 SPF or higher and has a high percentage of zinc oxide. If your kids will be wading, swimming or sweating, you’ll also want to purchase sunscreen that is water resistant.

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  • icon-article-18-redProtecting Kids with Asthma from COVID-19

    What doctors know about COVID-19 is still emerging, but experts consider children with asthma to be at-risk for more serious illness if infected than children without asthma. To help protect them, ensure your child regularly uses their preventive asthma therapies — such as an inhaler — and work hard to reduce triggers like exposure to pollen and stress. Doing so lowers your child’s risk of serious infection from COVID-19. 

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  • icon-article-18-red6 Tips for Staying Safe (and Sane!) While Traveling with Kids

    Traveling with children can make any trip memorable. But packing up the little ones and whisking them off to new places also can feel extremely daunting. The right preparation and adjustments, though, can help parents stay calm and in control during travel. Whether you’re taking a short road trip, flying across the country or hopping on board a cruise ship, just remember to have fun and be safe.

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  • icon-article-18-redNavigating Screen Time With Your Toddler or Preschooler

    Encouraging active play over screen time helps ensure preschoolers get the movement, stimulation and social development they need. But implementing limited screen time recommendations can prove difficult, especially as many parents find themselves balancing work and parenting with little support.

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  • icon-article-18-red10 Ways to Ensure Your Kids Are Ready for the School Year

    The start of the school season is upon us! It’s time for parents and caregivers to consider some of the health and wellness issues that arise when kids return to the classroom. By going over a checklist ahead of time, families are more likely to prevent problems rather than having to tackle them later.

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  • icon-article-18-redDoes My Child Have a Sprain or a Strain?

    Sprains and strains are similar injuries with common symptoms. They often occur when children return to sports or other physical activities after a summer or holiday break. Both injuries involve tearing or trauma to the muscle, tendon or ligament tissue. But a strain — sometimes referred to as a “pulled muscle” — is a muscle or tendon injury often affecting the hamstring or lower back. A sprain refers to a stretched or torn ligament, with the ankle particularly susceptible. Both injuries bring pain, swelling, and limited flexibility and range of motion. 

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  • icon-article-18-redHow Cancer Changed My Life: A Patient’s Perspective

    When I was diagnosed with bone cancer, my life immediately shifted into survival mode. From ages 12 to 13, I spent a year of my life fighting a disease that I never expected to face. From chemotherapy, to surgeries, to needles and medications, my family and I journeyed through a battle that radically changed our lives.

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  • icon-article-18-redCar Seat Safety – 5 Tips to Keep Children Safe

    There are few things in parenting as complicated as the rules and regulations of car seats. And yet, there are few things as important for the safety and well-being of our kids.

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