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  • icon-article-18-redBootcamp for New Dads

    Dad questions answered by real dads. This class teaches basics of infant care to dads.

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  • icon-article-18-redCerebral Palsy Virtual Support Group - June 14, 2020

    Please join us for a virtual discussion group in support of patients with cerebral palsy undergoing hip reconstruction and spinal fusion surgeries. Past, current and future surgical candidates are welcome to attend, along with family members and caregivers.

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  • icon-article-18-redHow to help your child achieve their New Years goal for good health

    This is a perfect time to evaluate your previous New Year’s health goals and make sure you and your family stay on track. Many families have goals such as eating dinner together, grocery shopping as a family, focusing on eating more vegetables, or going for nightly walks after dinner. Surprisingly, many kids also have their own goals they would like to accomplish. Supporting and encouraging your child while they tackle their goal is a great way to make sure they succeed. 

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  • icon-article-18-redGet to know Dr. Robert Sutphin, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

    Childhood Cancer Awareness Month may be over, but the fight against pediatric cancer continues.    Did you know that every year,

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  • icon-article-18-redPerforming Surgery in the Womb

    A recent article in The New York Times brought awareness to the burgeoning field of surgery being performed on patients still inside the womb. The article chronicles the path of Joshuwa and Lexi Royer, a young couple from Texas who found out at their 13-week ultrasound that their son had spina bifida. As it turned out, the defect was severe, so the Royer’s traveled to Houston to hear more about the option of surgery.

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  • icon-article-18-redRoom Sharing vs. Bed Sharing

    The differences between these two sleeping arrangements can mean life or death for your baby. Dr. Rachel Prete, Pediatrician at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children answers questions about the differences of each, their pros and cons and tips for new parents considering each approach.

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  • icon-article-18-redWhat do you do when your child just won't cooperate with getting clean?

    What do you do if your child does not cooperate with hygiene tasks? Should you battle it out? Just let it go? Of all the tasks a parent must help their child with during a day, these can be the most challenging for parents and kids. They are often the “you have to” tasks for parents and the “I won’t” kind of tasks for the child.

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  • icon-article-18-redDoes My Child Need a Support Group?

    At The Hewell Kids’ Kidney Center at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, patients who have been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease often have difficulty coping and adjusting to a lifelong chronic illness.  

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  • icon-article-18-redHow to Choose and Pack a Backpack to Be Sure It's Safe for Your Child

    As a pediatric occupational therapist, I work with kids to help them become as independent and successful as they can be in their daily tasks and activities. This includes teaching kids to lift and carry items in the most efficient and safe ways for their bodies. Backpacks are a part of your child’s daily school routine, and choosing the right one can affect your child in ways you might not expect.

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  • icon-article-18-redPopular Teething Products Are Unsafe for Babies

    There are some areas of parenting where everyone has an opinion. And doesn’t it always happen that when you’re pushing your kid in the grocery cart, trying desperately to find the last item on your list so you can just get out of that store, that’s when someone stops you to share their little nuggets of parenting wisdom?

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