Keeping Kids & Family Safe

We're taking extra precautions to keep kids — and parents — safe from COVID-19. We have escalated levels of infection prevention in place, so you be confident our focus on your family's safety drives our delivery of quality care.

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Your Child's Outpatient Visit

Your Child's Outpatient Visit

If your child only needs to be seen for a short-term illness or chronic condition, they can receive world-class care from one or more of our specialized practices and outpatient clinics. We offer a wide range of same-day services, including diagnostics, treatment and some minor procedures.

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Your Child's Surgery

Your Child's Surgery

Hearing your child needs surgery can be a stressful experience. From pre-admission to follow-up care, the expert team at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is here to support your child and family.

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Your Child's Hospital Stay

Your Child's Hospital Stay

Our goal is to put our patients first in every situation and deliver extraordinary care. That's why we offer an array of on-site amenities and services for your child's hospital stay.

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Howard Phillips Center

The Howard Phillips Center

A center of excellence, The Howard Phillips Center helps children, heals families and builds communities through several core programs. These services provide dignity and healing for children and families who face overwhelming challenges.

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