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Pediatric Sports Medicine Surgery

Getting Back in the Game

Whether on the court, field or elsewhere, young athletes play hard. Sometimes, they can push harder than their body allows, resulting in injury. If that occurs, surgery may be required. By partnering with the Pediatric Sports Medicine surgical team, your child will be in safe, understanding hands.

Our team realizes when children participate in sports, it can be valuable, but demanding. A young athlete’s body requires careful attention in recovery, which is why we provide three major elements of care: rehabilitation, education and prevention. Your child will learn how to take care of him or herself and still enjoy their favorite sports and activities.

Services and Programs

We treat a variety of sports-related injuries. Common sports medicine surgeries address:

Discover the Pathway to Recovery

Rehabilitation is an essential part of recovery for young athletes. Your child will partner with a skilled team of occupational and physical therapists to return to sports, safely. We work with some of best rehabilitative technologies, including the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® and Sportsmetrics™, a jump-training program, to get your athlete back on track. Rehabilitation not only strengthens your child’s body, but can also provide the encouragement they need to continue playing.

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