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Pediatric Plagiocephaly Program

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If you or your pediatrician suspect your child’s head or skull isn’t forming normally, Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children can help. The craniomaxillofacial and neurosurgical experts at the Pediatric Plagiocephaly Program, part of the Leon Pediatric Neuroscience Center of Excellence at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, will evaluate your child’s head shape and offer education, reassurance and therapy when appropriate.

It’s natural to be concerned with your child’s appearance and well-being. The first step in getting them the care they need is by obtaining an accurate diagnosis from a pediatric specialist. You can trust that your child’s health is in good hands with our team. Our experts are trained in evaluating head shape abnormalities. This is done by physical exam, which helps us rule out surgical causes of an abnormal head shape like craniosynostosis, and understanding your child’s medical history. We also have available to us the latest scanning technology to gather the fastest and most accurate data regarding your child’s individual head shape. This helps guide our team as we develop a personalized treatment plan.

While a diagnosis of abnormal head shape — often called “plagiocephaly” — may sound scary, the good news is that most infants who develop an abnormal head shape are healthy and do not require surgery. Many of our treatment plans include non-surgical therapies, such as physical therapy or helmet therapy. Together, your pediatrician and our specialists can help you determine the best course of treatment for your child.

Pediatric Plagiocephaly FAQs

You may have many questions after receiving a diagnosis of plagiocephaly. We welcome your questions and will help you understand what to expect before, during and after your child’s treatment.

For more information on the Pediatric Plagiocephaly Program, please call us at (321) 841-3050.