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Pediatric Musculoskeletal Injuries

Same Day, Expert Care for Injuries in Growing Children

Pediatric musculoskeletal injuries require a special type of care. Your child’s body is growing, making their injuries much more dangerous than an adult’s. A musculoskeletal injury in children can have long-term effects. Without proper treatment, bone growth and function will be hindered.

Fortunately, your child will be in safe hands at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, no matter what type of musculoskeletal injury they have. The Center for Orthopedics always offers same-day service with an on-call orthopedic surgeon to aid, if need be. We provide an array of services for all musculoskeletal injuries, including fracture repair care.

In addition, your child will be diagnosed and treated using some of the top technologies in Central Florida. We host a leading-edge MRI machine and 64-slice CT scanner, providing immediate diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries. After surgery and treatment, children will undergo comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitative care to monitor and guide them through regaining their full strength and potential.

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