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Break, Crack or Fracture – They’re all dangerous!

Fractures can be serious. While a fracture can sound less intense than a break or crack, they have similar effects and require the same treatment of any bone injury. When your child has sustained injury from falling off their bike, kicking the ball too hard or experiencing a bad fall, it’s important to get them checked out for a fracture as soon as possible.

Children require special attention in fracture care. Their growing bones are more flexible than adults, which make children more susceptible to fractures. Untreated, pediatric fractures can affect your child’s bone growth and function. If you suspect your child has a fracture, meet with one of our doctors or physician assistants today.

Look for Signs of Fracture

If you’re not sure your child has a fracture, watch for any of the following signs and symptoms:

One of the most common types of fractures in children is called a buckle fracture. The best way to picture a buckle fracture is by envisioning a crushed soda can. Sometimes, one side stays smooth and there are wrinkles on the other side. Your child’s injury may look the same way.

Caring for Growing Bones

Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children provides same-day care for all pediatric fracture injuries. Our on-call orthopedic surgeons will assist you and your child with their injury to ensure immediate treatment, whether the fracture requires surgery or not.

You will experience a full spectrum of fracture care. Your child will not only get the X-rays, casts and the surgery they need, but also will have access to rehabilitation to regain and recondition the affected area.

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