Learn more about concussions

Learn more about concussions. Read about the potential long-term effects of concussion and the importance of taking the time to recover. For more information about concussion and free resources, visit CDC.Gov/Concussion.

If a head injury occurs, what should you do

Seek medical attention right away. In the event of a head injury, our team should evaluate your child as soon as possible. We perform state of the art research-based diagnostics and offer world class treatments. Therefore, we can provide return-to-play recommendations based on each individual patient.

Adequate Recovery Time

In Florida, the law requires a physician (MD or DO only) to evaluate and clear children before they are allowed to go back to a return-to-play protocol. Children with suspected concussion must NEVER return to sports or recreation activities on the same day they sustain a concussion. Read more at:

How can I help my child return to school safely after a concussion?

When your child is ready to return to school or play, we will talk with his or her teachers, school nurse, coach or counselor about the concussion and symptoms. It is important to offer support to your child during this time as he or she may be frustrated at not being able to participate in activities at the same level during the recovery process. Children and teens who return to school after a concussion may need to:

  • Take rest breaks, as needed.
  • Spend fewer hours at school.
  • Be given more time to take tests or complete assignments.
  • Receive help with school work.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent reading, writing or using a computer.