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Learn More About Our Pediatric After-Cancer Treatment Program

We support pediatric cancer survivors who are two years or more off therapy. To find out how we can support your child, submit an appointment request today, and we will follow up with you shortly.

Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Program

Helping your child beat cancer to enjoy the best possible quality of life is our goal at the Arnold Palmer Hospital Haley Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders. For pediatric cancer survivors who are two years or more off therapy, our Follow-up After Cancer Treatment (FACT) Program provides support to help keep your child healthy and cancer-free.

The FACT Program provides education and care to patients who are learning to navigate life after childhood cancer. We see children, adolescent and young adult survivors who have received treatment at Arnold Palmer Hospital or who are transferring their care from another provider. Our experienced team of physicians and nurse practitioners are dedicated to the care of this special patient population.

Services include:

  • Routine follow-up appointments, recommended screenings and referrals to specialists based on the patient’s previous diagnosis and treatment 
  • Personalized education about the late effects of the patient’s cancer treatment
  • Facilitating the transition or “graduation” of patients to adult care 
  • Working with a child’s school to help grant accommodations that may be necessary after treatment 
  • Connecting families with camp programs and childhood cancer survivor scholarship opportunities 
  • Providing resources for fertility services to patients wanting to have a family later in life

For more information about the FACT program, please call (321) 841-8588.