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We support pediatric cancer survivors who are two years or more off therapy. To find out how we can support your child, submit an appointment request today, and we will follow up with you shortly.

Cancer Survivorship Program

Ongoing Support for Your Child

We believe in ongoing support for our pediatric cancer survivors at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. That is why we offer our Follow-up After Cancer Treatment (FACT) Program to help your child stay healthy and cancer-free. The FACT Program, part of the Haley Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorder, is the first and oldest program for child, adolescent and young adult cancer survivors in central Florida.

To qualify for the FACT Program, your child must:

  • Be under 21 years old
  • Have completed their last cancer treatment two or more years ago

To help your child enjoy their best quality of life following cancer treatment, they receive ongoing education and care in a safe and welcoming environment. Our dedicated team of physicians and nurse practitioners works with your child and family during this important transition from treatment to daily life.

Our Services

The FACT Program offers:

  • Routine follow-up appointments for ongoing cancer surveillance
  • Recommended screenings based on your child’s cancer treatments
  • Referrals to specialists as needed
  • Comprehensive summary of cancer treatment and personalized follow up guidelines
  • Online access to your child’s summary of cancer treatment and follow up guidelines though Passport for Care
  • Personalized education about the effects of your child’s cancer treatment
  • Help with the transition or “graduation” to adult care
  • Help for your child to receive school and work accommodations that may be necessary after treatment
  • Connections to cancer camp programs and childhood cancer survivor scholarship opportunities
  • Post-treatment consult regarding oncofertility to discuss family planning options for cancer survivors
  • Referrals for cancer genetic screening and genetic counselors for the entire family based on risk assessment and personal and/or family history
  • Dedicated nurse practitioner and nurse coordinator to help you find services and coordinate care

Contact Us

For more information about the FACT Program, please call us at (321) 841-8588.