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What it means to give back

March 02, 2012

Last month, the Holy Family Catholic School hosted their first mother-daughter fundraiser to benefit Arnold Palmer Hospital! It was a special night for young girls to experience what it means to give back to the families in their community. Several families shared emotional stories of their time at Arnold Palmer Hospital. These little girls who are students at the school, have battled diseases that many people will never have to face in their lifetime. They were the inspiration behind this community event. Their strength, courage, and determination to fight set the tone for the evening. You could see the overwhelming joy these families had for Arnold Palmer Hospital and the doctors and nurses who were with them throughout their journey as tears started welling up in their eyes while telling their story. These families wanted to be able to give back to the hospital that had done so much for them, and this was their way to say thank you. It was amazing to see how every mom and daughter rallied around these families throughout the night. Everyone loved on them and made them feel like the stars of the night.

Moms and daughters assembled care packages that will be given to the families in need. Many times, families are rushed to the hospital and don’t even have their basic necessities. These moms want their daughters to know the value of giving to those in need. Along with care packages, the girls made personal cards of encouragement.

One of our very own team members, Molly Piveral, manager of Customer Relations, was there to share her own personal story of what brought her to Arnold Palmer Hospital and express her gratitude for the moms and daughters who participated in the event.

“As a mom of a former patient, I cannot find words to express my gratitude. It doesn’t matter how big or small, everyone can help in some way!” Molly’s excitement and appreciation for this event was contagious to every single person in the room. Her presence at Arnold Palmer Hospital is invaluable, and her love and care for each family at the hospital helps to put a smile on their face while in the midst of a very difficult time.

We are overwhelmed by their generosity and cannot say thank you enough!