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Webinar on "Living with CHD: Ensuring your child meets his or her full potential" with Dr. desJardins

February 14, 2013

This week, we hosted a webinar on "Living with Congenital Heart Disease: Ensuring your child meets his or her full potential" with Dr. desJardins, pediatric cardiologist at The Heart Center.

Over the last thirty years, mortality rates of children with CHD have dramatically declined. As more and more survivors progress through childhood and adolescence, they face many challenges that come along with their cardiac diagnosis. Parents look to their cardiology specialist to help direct their efforts at ensuring their child's wellbeing as a whole. A cardiac diagnosis can affect a child not only physically, but emotionally, developmentally and academically.

During this webinar, we discussed how you can ensure that you are maximizing your child's quality of life and giving them the opportunity to meet their fullest potential. We addressed a variety of topics including: preventing infections, nutrition, physical activity, developmental delays and disabilities, and educational challenges.

Check out this informational webinar below, as Dr. desJardins addresses common concerns that parents have about their child with Congenital Heart Disease and answers questions submitted by our viewers before and during the live chat.

Do you have a question for Dr. desJardins? Submit your question in the comment box below to be answered by Dr. desJardins.

We hope that this educational webinar is the first of many to be hosted at Arnold Palmer Hospital. If you have a topic you would like discussed in future webinars, or have a specialist in mind that you would like to hear from, we want to know! Feel free to submit your suggestion in the comment box below or email us at [email protected]