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Think Like Pinkalicious for a Chance to Win Free Giveaways!

January 25, 2012

Did you know that eating too many pink cupcakes can give you pinkititis? It’s a very scary disease that can make you turn pink all over!!

I’m kidding, of course. I learned of pinkititis from Pinkalicious, the adorable little girl who loves all things pink. Pinkalicious loves pink so much that her enthusiasm for the hue lands her in her doctor’s office.

Pinkititis got me thinking. As a kid, there were lots of scary health concerns that kept me awake at night. I wondered, if you eat too many carrots, will you turn orange? If you swallow gum, does it really take seven years to digest?


In honor of Pinkalicious, we want to hear what funny health concerns your kids have. What silly things do your kids worry about?

We’ll choose the three funniest responses and the winners will get tickets to Pinkalicious the Musical, currently playing at the Orlando Repertory Theatre.

Update: We've contacted our winners. Thank you all for sharing such great stories of your funny little ones!