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Protecting young athletes with proper hydration

October 21, 2011

For every person participating in athletic activities, proper hydration plays a crucial role in maintaining health and physical ability. For those of us who live in a hot, humid climate such as Central Florida, we must be vigilant to ensure that our bodies and those of our children are protected from dehydration.

As we exert physical energy (such as in playing sports), our bodies must be able to release the heat that is generated. The body releases heat by sweating- the evaporation of liquid from the skin produces a cooling effect on the body. If the body is not properly hydrated, there is no fluid available for the body to sweat. The athlete then becomes unable to cool down their body temperature, and they are then at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke injuries.

Protect your children from the dangers of dehydration. Watch this video from our experts in the Sports Medicine Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital to find out more: