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New Opportunities for Teen Patients and Siblings - Come Check It Out!

June 07, 2018

Calling all teens and young adult patients! The child life department has some exciting news to share.

If you are currently admitted to the hospital, receiving outpatient treatment, or even if you are the teen sibling of a patient, there are now group opportunities designed just for you. We know that the hospital can be an overwhelming and confusing place for people of any age. Your child life specialists and events coordinator work to make the medical environment feel as safe, familiar and as close to “normal” as possible. Yet you might still feel alone in your experience, and wish you could meet other teens or young adults who can relate to what you’re going through. You need a space to connect, engage and even provide your expertise to help make Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children the best hospital possible!

Whether you’re looking for a chance to lead and serve, a space to connect with others who understand you, or just want to have fun, our Young Adult Programming has an opportunity for you.

Your child life specialists and events coordinator work to make the medical environment feel as safe, familiar and as close to “normal” as possible.


Teen Leadership Council

  • Teen talking to counselor.This is a group of former and current teen and young adult patients or siblings of patients that collaborate during onsite meetings led by child life specialists.The group focuses on leadership development, service opportunities, corporate initiatives and projects that give Orlando Health Arnold Palmer a little TLC from the teen and young adult perspectives.
  • If you have any questions or are interested in applying, please or email [email protected].

Teen Networking Group

  • The teen networking group is a place for teens to share their healthcare experiences with each other, as teens and young adults often feelalone in their healthcare experience.
  • It is not a support group or a replacement for mental health services, but it is your time to process, think, share, reflect and relate with other teens who also have a chronic or life-changing diagnosis.
  • Certified child life specialists will facilitate therapeutic and creative activities to promote discussion and self-expression.
  • Groups are forming now! Any questions or interest, please email [email protected].

Special Events

  • There are a variety of events within the hospital to help you get to know other teens and build lifelong friendships while having some fun in a safe and familiar environment!
  • Attendance guidelines:

- Events are open to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer patients ages 12 to 19-years-old living with a chronic illness.

- In order to attend events, patients and their guests must comply with the RSVP deadline and process listed for each event. RSVP instructions will be listed on each event invite on the website.

We are excited to learn from your experiences and support your need to engage and connect throughout your healthcare journey!

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