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Getting her tonsils and adenoids removed

July 12, 2013

My daughter, Hannah, is a typical 10-year-old girl. She loves spending time with her friends and family, doing gymnastics, reading, being silly and taking self-photos. She’s a girl who’s always on the go, except when she is not feeling well. Hannah’s tonsils have always been enlarged, and when Hannah is sick, she almost always has strep throat. Hopefully, fighting bouts of strep throat will be history, now that she’s had her tonsils removed.

Like most people, we were a little anxious and a little relieved when her otolaryngologist, , recommended removing her tonsils and adenoids. Hannah was excited when she thought about starting her summer vacation by eating all the chocolate ice cream and pudding she could want right after her surgery.

In the days leading up to her surgery, though, she was feeling more frightened about the procedure than excited about the ice cream afterwards. We stocked our freezer with popsicles and ice cream, and the refrigerator with pudding, Jell-O and Gatorade, and reassured her the best we could.

Hannah began to feel really anxious when she suited up in her hospital gown and cap. Then, her nurse, Colleen, presented her with a special, classic hardcover book which was given by people who donate and write special dedications in books for patients at Arnold Palmer Hospital. This was a Nancy Drew classic that the donor wrote "motivated her as a young girl to grow to become a strong, inspirational woman.” Hannah was also given a cool, pink stuffed Domo to cuddle, and she quickly began to feel more relaxed.

Dr. Jaryszak came in to say hello to Hannah and review the procedure for her. His smile and reassurance made her feel even more comfortable. Then, Dr. Marnie Robinson, our anesthesiologist came to talk with Hannah. Dr. Robinson explained all of the steps to follow, and gave Hannah the choice of going to sleep via breathing in air from her mask or thru IV anesthesia. Giving Hannah that choice completely put her mind at ease. She had no worries when she left the stage 1 area to head to the operating room. Dr. Robinson gave her the option to ride there slowly or fast. Hannah chose fast!

Twenty-four hours after her surgery, Hannah was beginning to feel less sore, and more playful and energized again.

We are so thankful to the entire team at Arnold Palmer Hospital - from registration, to transport, to nursing, to volunteers who donate special books and toys, anesthesia, surgery, and recovery, for making the experience as special and worry-free as a surgery can be. One week after surgery, Hannah feels entirely better, and the only difficult part is convincing her that she needs to rest and recover for one more week at home.