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Caden visits WFTV Channel 9 News station

February 03, 2012

A few months back, I shared and told you how he and his family have overcome incredible obstacles as he deals with autism.

Caden is a remarkable little boy, and neither he nor his family has let his diagnosis get in the way of big hopes and dreams for his future. Caden’s mom shared with us that he dreams of one day becoming a weather man for Channel 9 News.

Well, do you know what Caden did last week? He visited the WFTV Channel 9 News station and the Orlando Science Center’s Severe Weather Center 9 . And do you know who was there to greet him? WFTV Chief Meteorologist Tom Terry.

Caden’s mom, Bonnie, describes their visit:

Caden had the best day ever!!!  He loved seeing the OSC Channel 9 display - it is very cool!  Tom Terry was very sweet.  He helped Caden  "write" his own Orlando forecast and then give it on the "news".  The people from Channel 9 thought of everything when they put this display together.  Both of our boys had a blast being on the green screen.  And, they both forecasted snow for Orlando!

The tour of Channel 9 was very interesting. Tom showed us what it is like to give a weather forecast on the real news and answered a bunch of questions: everything from snow to volcanoes. He was so patient and inspiring.

Caden was able to sit at the anchor news desk - something that very few people, let alone kids, get to do. Caden gave Tom a big hug when we were leaving and told him "This was the BEST day ever!!!"

A big, heartfelt thank you to all of our friends at WFTV Channel 9. We are so grateful that you gave Caden a wonderful and inspiring day that he’ll remember for years to come.

And Caden, we’ll be waiting for that snow!