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Webinar with Dr. Amy Smith and her team at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program

May 23, 2013

Once a child has completed treatment for a brain or spinal tumor, what comes next? This week, we hosted a webinar with Dr. Amy Smith, pediatric neuro-oncologist at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and discussed how families make the transition from treatment to long-term follow-up. Dr. Smith and her team at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program explained some of the ongoing physical, emotional and intellectual challenges that a child might face as a result of their disease and treatment. We also highlighted some of the hurdles that families face when children re-enter the school environment and as the child enters adolescence and adulthood. Learn more about how to help your family navigate this next part of the journey.

Check out this informational webinar below, as Dr. Amy Smith and her team addresses the many concerns and issues revolving around brain tumor survivorship and answers questions submitted by our viewers before and during the live chat.

To learn more about the Brain Tumor Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital, visit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program page.

Have a question? Ask it below in the discussion box to be submitted and answered by Dr. Amy Smith and her team.

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