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Twitter Chat on Common Running Injuries and Injury Prevention

January 11, 2013

Thank you to everyone who joined our discussion on "Common Running Injuries and Injury Prevention" with Dr. Davis, Pediatric Sports Medicine Physician, and special guest, Dr. Jean Moorjani, Pediatrician at Arnold Palmer Hospital. The chat was featured live on Twitter, where we tweeted from @APHospital, and others could join in by following the hashtag, #RunWithDrDavis.

Below is a recap of our discussion with Dr. Davis and Dr. Moorjani on common running injuries. Keep the conversation going by asking your questions below!

For more information on the Sports Medicine Program at Arnold Palmer Hospital, go here. To learn more about our Level One Orthopedics Program, visit the practice website here.



To view the entire Twitter chat with Dr. Davis and Dr. Moorjani on common running injuries, go here: Twitter Chat on Common Running Injuries and Injury Prevention.


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