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Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

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Hearing your child needs heart surgery can take any parent out of their comfort zone. For many congenital heart conditions, though, it’s the most suitable approach for some children in the newborn to adolescent age groups. If that’s the case for your child, you want the most advanced care delivered by some of the best pediatric heart surgeons available.

At The Heart Center at Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, we perform over 200 cardiac operations annually and consistently ranked among the top cardiology and heart surgery programs in the nation. Depending on your child’s heart condition, we may recommend one of the following procedures:

In addition, if your child has their heart condition diagnosed before birth by one of the perinatal physicians at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, our team can work with the perinatal physicians and your family to quickly address any issues upon birth.

Open-Heart vs. Closed-Heart Surgery

Pediatric cardiac surgery falls into two categories: open-heart surgery and closed-heart surgery. Open-heart surgery is necessary when the heart needs to be opened to repair a defect. During open-heart surgery, a “heart-lung bypass machine” is used to circulate blood and oxygen through the body without using the child’s heart or lungs.

Closed-heart surgery is used when the surgeon needs to visualize the heart and make repairs around the outside of the heart that do not require the heart to be open. During closed heart surgery, the “heart-lung bypass machine” is not used.

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Your Child'd Surgery

Learning your child needs surgery can be a stressful experience. Learn what to expect from pre-admission testing to arrival to follow-up care. Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children is here to support your child and family and ease any anxiety you may have.