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Clinical Trials

Below is a list of currently active Phase II, III and IV trials. You can also search for a specific clinical trial using the field provided above.

  • A Phase III Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Multi-C

    To determine if intravenous (i.v.) L-citrulline delivery given perioperatively reduces clinical sequelae of acute cardiopulmonary bypassinduced lung injury in pediatric subjects undergoing repair of congenital heart defects as evidenced by the reduction of postoperative need for mechanical ventilation and inotrope therapy.

  • Optimal Management of LVOTO

    1). Assemble a multi-institutional inception cohort of infants with critical LVOTO undergoing all currently available and future treatment strategies. 2). Determine morphologic correlates of physiology prior to intervention in critical left ventricular outflow tract obstruction. 3). Identify risk factors that affect outcomes. 4). Determine the value of emerging management strategies. 5). Assess late outcomes including functional health status, quality of life, developmental outcomes, and identification of electrophysiological and other complications.


    1. Enhance the existing infrastructure to more efficiently support a national pediatric obesity registry for overweight and obese youth receiving weight management services. 2. Describe the general characteristics (demographic, anthropometric and clinical measures) of patients presenting for weight management and predictors (program format, provider type, and patient-level factors) of program response. 3. Investigate predictors of program retention.

  • Posterior Cervical Fusion in Children

    will report our outcomes related to operative management of children undergoing cervical spinal fusion and we hope to advocate for the best approach in operative management for children with cervical arthrodesis.

  • N/A

    Compare absolute VE measurements with absolute standard measurements of clotting and coagulation during CPB.

  • N/A

    The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) sponsors this national database of congenital heart surgery. Participating centers submit information from their individual databases every 6 months. This information is “harvested” and reported back to individual participating sites in a de-identified report. This information is used for ongoing quality assurance and gives us the ability to compare our results to all other participating centers.

  • N/A

    To improve our understanding and add to the body of knowledge on the management schemes and outcomes of patients undergoing DHCA and SCP.

  • Infection rates with spinal fusion in neuromuscular scoliosis

    to identify the rate of infections caused by Gram-negative organisms in children undergoing spinal fusion for neuromuscular scoliosis in this institution and also to to yield pilot data for a proposed prospective trial studying the use of local Gram-negative covering antibiotics placed prophylactically within the wounds of this population at the time of surgery to try and decrease rates of infection.

  • MRSA surveillance swabs and children undergoing spinal fusion

    to elucidate the value of MRSA surveillance by nasal swab as well as providing data of overall spinal infection rate; a concerning complication in the field of pediatric spinal surgery. This study will facilitate the development of specific MRSA protocols for patients undergoing spinal fusion

  • TrialNet Natural History Study of the Development of Type 1 Diab

    The overall objective of this study is to perform baseline and repeat assessments over time of the metabolic and immunologic status of individuals at risk for type 1 diabetes (T1D) to:(a) characterize their risk for developing T1D and identify subjects eligible for prevention trials, (b) describe the pathogenic evolution of T1D, and (c) increase the understanding of the pathogenic factors involved in the development of T1D.